alina simpson

My name is Alina Simpson. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2005. The name of my practice is Lotus Awakening Bodywork. The modalities I utilize the most are Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Reiki. You can find out more about my practice at My work days are Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and 2 weekends a month.

Contact Alina:

Phone: 707-267-8598 (call or text).


matia jones

Matia graduated from the Port Townsend School of Massage in 2003. She earned an interdisciplinary BA from Fairhaven College, entitled Wellness, which consisted of Cross cultural Health Care and Pre-med. And she is currently finishing a MA in Medical Anthropology from WWU. Neuromuscular Integration, Lomilomi, deep tissue, Swedish, Trager, and Craniosacral, in addition to embodied meditation and dance influence her massage practice. She has worked in both therapeutic and spa settings and loves helping clients heal from health challenges as well as just relax and enjoy being in their bodies.

Contact Matia:

Phone: (360) 483-9545


Amy Schmidt

I have lived on lopez island for 20 years.  I have been a massage therapist for 17 of those years.  I feel honored to be of service as an assistant to well being in our community.  I began my education with massage therapy and went on to study reiki, structural integration, craniosacral and jin shin jyutsu.  These different modalities allow me to understand and listen from many different vantage points.

Mandala Massage & Bodywork

Home: 360.468.4433

*i am currently not accepting new clients.

aimee Nassoiy

Aimée Nassoiy LMP/RN has been licensed and practicing massage since 1982.  She works from a background of dance and movement studies.   Aimée uses various massage modalities, like myofascial release and deep tissue massage to enhance ease of movement, address chronic and acute pain patterns, and promote a sense of well-being.

Contact Aimée:

Phone: 360 468 2493


WENDY westervelt

Wendy has lived and worked on Lopez Island for over 30 years. She has been practicing Reiki since 1996 and is certified to teach levels 1 and 2.

Wendy is a certified reflexology practitioner,  this treatment gently stimulates reflexes on the feet to benefit the entire body. Both modalities emphasize the body’s natural capacity for healing and balance.Currently she is studying ear reflexology and the Bach system of Flower remedies.

Wendy has also served the Lopez community as a birth and postpartum doula for over 20 years.

Contact Wendy at:

Phone: 360 840-4619 (call or text).


Susie Teague

Using Neurological Integration System (NIS), I listen to your brain and body to figure out the priority of distress within your innate healing wisdom.  Your body has a unique design, and recognizing where the interference (infection, trauma, stress, toxins) is happening and restoring those signals, allows your body’s full healing potential to respond and take control of your health!  When indicated, I also share other holistic care methods to serve your individual needs, such as Western herbalism & nutrition, neuro-emotional work, Reiki, and wellness coaching.

Contact Susie:

Cell:   360-298-8665

julienne battalia

Julienne Battalia began her practice on Lopez Island in 1989 as an acupressure and  massage therapist. In 2009 she became a licensed East Asian Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioner. Julienne includes acupuncture, acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy, myo-fascial release, and Chinese herbs and nutritional counseling into her practice.

Contact Julienne:

Phone: 360-468-9099




Faridha Mow

Faridha Mow has been practicing Acupuncture for five years. She has experience and interest in treating a variety of conditions including prenatal and labor care, gynecological concerns, psycho spiritual emotional imbalance, and muscular skeletal pain.

Faridha uses many diagnostic techniques including channel palpation, extensive history intake, and tongue and pulse investigation. She draws on traditional Chinese treatment methods such as needling, ear seeds, cupping, moxibustion and heat therapy. While at times bringing in non Chinese techniques such as essential oils and cranio-sacral therapy.

Faridha can be reached at:

Phone: 360-622-9182

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About HEAL

Healing Energy Arts of Lopez was founded in 2010, bringing together several practitioners who had separate offices and a variety of healing modalities into one cooperative space. We strive to provide you with the best in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.


Each of us runs our own practice, so it is best to leave a message for the practitioner you are interested in seeing using the contact information on their profile.

Alina and Matia are the most available massage therapists for visitors whose time on Lopez is limited. They also have a board outside our door with available openings.

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